Government launches new WhatsApp channel

The Government has launched a new account on WhatsApp Channels, allowing members of the public to subscribe to receive important updates to their phones.

As a trusted, verified account the UK Government channel will focus on reiterating important information which is relevant directly to the public in areas like updating on public services, news updates that affect a large part of the population or pointing to new guidance and public resources. 

Like any new communications method being used by Government – the UK Government channel will be continuously reviewed to ensure that it is being used effectively to provide timely and relevant information. Users can expect to regular updates from across government on a weekly basis.

Examples of other UK Government channel posts include:

  • Reiterating public health advice like announcing winter flu jabs
  • Deadline reminders like self-assessment tax return deadlines
  • New information on extra support the public can receive, like cost of living payments and government-linked discounts and other benefits 
  • Childcare support updates

The Government will also use the channel to share trusted and essential information from partner organisations like UK Health Security and Public Health England health alerts.

The channel will be a publicly run information service, similar to GOV.UK or official government social media accounts. It will not be used for political or campaign purposes and will be managed by government officials. 

Anyone with a WhatsApp account can follow the new UK Government WhatsApp channel by searching for ‘UK Government’ in the ‘Updates’ section of the app and choosing to follow the account.